Foote Botanical Preserve, Mount George

Hiking the Harry Loop Trail

Following the South Face Trail to the summit of Mount George

April 23, 2008

Thanks Carolyn Cromer for your assistance in planning our Mt. George hike!

Starting point of the hike, looking north you can see Mount St. Helena.

Beginning of hike, north/west view

Looking back at the trailhead

The beginning of Harry's Loop Trail West

Getting oriented

The Trail leads southwest

Rock Outcrop

Rock Outcrop

One of at least 8 buzzards that could be seen circling

Apple blossoms

Al & Stan taking stock of an almond tree

Making good use of the topo

We'll explore Sarco Creek Trail on another hike

A distant hill-top home belonging to Leroy Young.

View west toward Mt. Tamalpais

A brick oven, some of the remains of a homesite that burned down in 1964.

Al examining part of the concrete foundation.