Gallery 3:

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John  Muir

Mt. Diablo in the distance

Mt. Tamalpais in the distance

Approaching the summit on the steep South Face Trail

View of Napa Airport & San Francisco Bay. Napa Valley Country Club can also be seen below

Mount Tamalpia in distance, Maxwell Bridge & Imola Ave can be also be found.

The hills and surrounding basin are known as the Cup and Saucer. Alta Heights is seen in the foreground.

Approaching Mt. George summit

Stan & Al enjoying the moment

Looking west from the summit

The view east, Vaca Mountain Range in distance.

Descending on West Face Trail, a look back at the summit.

Descending on West Face Trail

Olive Hill Rd. can be seen on the valley floor

Valley panorama & catching a glimpse of Stan's residence on Vineyard Ln

Veteran's Hospital can be seen across valley, right corner, Silverado Country Club, below.

Hwy 29, rounding Yountville

Al, getting ready for a lunch break, West Face Trail

Stan, perched for lunch - looking west & enjoying the view of the Napa Valley

Approaching the end of our hike, a view north of the Howell Mountain Range

Local landmark, Old Man with a Pipe, on Monticello Rd

View of Mount George from Vichy Elementary School, Vichey Rd

View from Mt. George Av.