Gallery 2:

Just east of the City of Napa, the Foote Botanical Preserve is a botanical treasure of high-quality habitat in the Howell Mountain Range. The Preserve features over 370 plant species and numerous habitat types including chaparral, grassland, redwood, and riparian. Foote is the founding preserve of The Land Trust of Napa County. The original donors, June and Si Foote, intended it to be a permanent native plant preserve. In their dedication of the property to The Land Trust, June and Si wrote:“ Our gift of this property to The Land Trust is made with our intentions that the entire property be utilized by The Land Trust for open space and botanical protection purposes.”
—June 27, 1995

As can be seen in many of the photos, much of the landscape is covered by Chamise chaparral & five species of manzanita.Within the overall chaparral landscape, there are small areas of grassland, rock outcrops, meadow, and forest.

Calle Lilies

Homestead Foundation

Traveling east on Harry Loop Trail

Mount George, looking up from Silver Water Fall Trail

Looking west across valley, Vaca Mountains in distance

Mount Diablo in distance

The trail, Silver Water Fall Trail, ends just ahead - the view is eastward, toward Vacaville

Signpost near trail junctions, Silver Water Fall Trail & West Face Trail

Topo of trails made the hike a success

Rock outcrop & trail marker

Looking southwest into the valley - the trail could lead to Wild Horse Valley

View eastward towards Vacaville

Trail to summit

Blossoms on shrub

View of Trancas St.. & the Napa River (hidden behind tree ridge)