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Mark Sipowicz, Moon News owner, introduces photographer Doug Acton, & editors Bruce Jenkins & Grant Washburn

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Main Street, Half Moon Bay

Audience is delighted with author's stories, then take part in very informative q & a session

Jenkins & daughter, Molly

Washburn & Sponsler & family member

Doug Acton greeting surfing legend, Jeff Clark

Sponsler giving an account of . . .

a shark attack at Mavericks . . .

Tim West was lucky he was paddling & not sitting

It's possible to paddle into a 30-footer if you get in the right spot

For 15 years Jeff was the only one in the line up

Listening to an account of what a 2 wave hold down is like

There's a place for towing, but the right of way will always go to the paddler

To think that there was a wave like Mavericks in California was unbelievable

Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle sports columnist, has been covering Mavericks since the early '90's

The surfers @ Mavericks generally show a lot of respect for each other

According to Washburn, the worst thing that can happen is a ten-wave set

Mark Sponsler knows as much or more about weather & big waves than anyone else in the world

Take a look at pictures showing the infamous '100-foot swell' in November 2001

Matt Warshaw & Sarah Malarkey (Chronicle Books) drop by, his newest release is titled Photo/Stoner

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