Booksigning, presentation & party Minna Gallery

Tuesday, October 24 - San Francisco, 6:30 p.m.

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Monica Lee (CEO, Zuna Surf) checking Washburn's raffle ticket

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Acton, first to photograph Maverick's & Washburn, surfs Mavs more than anyone

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Inside Maverick's slideshow

Lee - we had over 400 folks show up

Jenkins & Warshaw extraordinary writers/authors

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Lee & Jeff Divine, Photo Editor @ Surfer's Journal - wrote foreword for Photo/Stoner

Divine narrating Photo/Stoner slide show

When Stoner set up, the locals would paddle out to show their moves

They would become heroes in Surfer Magazine

Washburn introducing Maverick's slide show

Don Montgomery, reclining, legendary Mavs photographer taking in show

Acton (with mic) his excellent photography fills the pages of the most infamous big-wave surf break in the world.

Cyrus Saatsaz & Steve Blankkenship, Hosts, The Extreme Scene - KNBR (The Sports Leader)

Divine & Warshaw - the idea for the book grew out a Steve Pezman request for Warshaw to do a piece to accompany a series of Stoner photos several years ago

Clark - an inspirational moment

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Washburn, always ready to open up

Jenkins - his involvement makes Inside Mavericks come together

Jenkins & Washburn who is pointing to his place on the wave

Katrina Clark (daughter & excellent artist) capturing media of the event

Clark provided the stoke, turning the evening into an epic event

Martha Jenkins (wife) - awesome photographer/writer

Jenkins & Acton

Jenkins & Elizabeth Pepin, filmmaker of One Winter Story, a doc on Sarah Gerhardt

Clark & Washburn

Randy Cone (behind Martha) semi-finals this years Maverick's Surf Contest

Eric Nelson, shot first video images of Mavericks & Ed Guzman, Ghost Tree surfer

Tom Kendrick, who decided @ the last minute to attend the book signing is happy he did, here's why