Gallery 3: Mount Lemmon - (Continuted)

Ski equipment rentals, instruction

There are 18 ski runs & a verticle drop of 950 feet. The ski area averages 175 inches of snow per year

The parking lot does not take up a lot of space

Oracle Valley from the ski area

Iron Door Restaurant

Biosphere - a vision gone unrealized

Hikers we met while walking up to the summit - they began their climb from Catalina State Park, noon, the day before. This picture was taken the next day around 2:00 in the afternoon. A couple of other hikers were rescured by helicopter from the mountain that night.Here is the story of their climb.

Approaching the summit

One of many vistas

There are numerous telescopes on the summit

This telescope can be seen from Oracle Rd

Numerous trailheads from the summit

Tucson valley vista - taken from the summit

Cross country skier training for a trip into the back country of Colorado

The road (closed) back to the ski area - about a 2 mile walk from the ski area to the summit

Looking back to the summit

Numerous antenna for all sorts of transmissions

Return - leaving forest, entering the desert & sculpured roocks worn by wind & time

This photo was taken from Oracle Rd, not far from the Saddlebrooke turn-off. If you look closely at the enclarged image, you can see a white dome atop Mount Lemmon

Evening moonrise, from Oracle Rd

Another way to enjoy the trip is by bike. Although we saw a number of cyclists at the lower elevations, we saw none at or near the summit. It's a very challenging ride, but one that is very popular among serious bikers, Lance Armstrong, for example. One mountain biker gave this recent account of his backside ride, beginning at Oracle.