Mavericks Bombs - No Fear of Death

Fifth Annual Mavericks: Everest of the Seas Photography & Art Exhibit

Reception, January 26, 2013

Refreshments Courtesy of La Nebbia Winery

Photos Courtesy of Rob Brown, Mike Wong & Spring Mountain Gallery

Tim & Alisha Auringer, Lynne & Jack Rosser & Barbara Grant

Carlene Fulton, Bob Barbour & Jeff Klagenberg

Mike Wallace, Grant Washburn, Ed Grant & Eric W. Nelson

Ed Grant & guest

Alisha Auringer, Grant Washburn, Lawrence Beck, Ed Grant

Colleen Granahan

Tony Canadas, Alice Kay Lee, Seth Migdail, Frank Quirarte, Phoenix Reyes

Tony Canadas

Rob Brown & Bob Barbour

Frosty & Zeuf Hesson

Eric W. Nelson, Mom & Emily Smith

Rob Calla & Eric W. Nelson

Frank Quirarte, Brandi Lemus Reyes & Friends

Mike Wallace & Frank Quirarte

Frank Quirarte, Brandi Lemus Reyes & friends

Tom Rissacher

Mara Krasts & Martha Jenkins

Frosty & Zeuf Hesson

Ed Grant, Tom Rissacher & friend

David Evans & guest

Sue Pemberton